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Sunflower seed

OriginUSA, China, Hungary, Croatia, Argentina
Harvesting timeSeptember/October
GrowthThe kernels of the sunflower
ProcessingCleaning and peeling
Shelf lifeAt least a year after production
Sunflower kernels grow in the heart of the sunflower. The flowers may grow quite tall (two metres) and revolve their flowers following the sun all day. Harvesting the kernels is done mechanically.

After being harvested the seeds are cleaned, sifted and peeled. The peeling is done using high pressure  The seeds are spouted against a plate causing the shell to burst, The shell is separated from the kernel by drawing off the lighter parts by suction. Subsequently they are sifted again, sorted and checked till the kernels have reached 99.9 % purity. A slight tolerance for broken kernels is acceptable.

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