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Pumpkin seed

OriginChina, Mexico, Eastern Europe
Harvesting timeOctober/November
GrowthThe seeds of pumpkins
ProcessingDrying, cleaning and peeling if necessary
Shelf lifeAt least a year after production
The seeds are in the heart of these huge fruits. Pumpkins grow and ripen on clean soil in a warm climate. Harvesting is done mechanically or by hand. Harvesting time is October/November

The seeds are taken from the pumpkin and the pulp is removed. The seeds are dried and cleaned. Some varieties must also be peeled because these seeds have shells. In China this peeling is done by hand, in other countries it has been mechanised. Hungarian kinds grow naturally without skins. Peeling pumpkin seeds is expensive, so that the price difference between peeled and unpeeled seeds is considerable.  

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