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Our hazelnuts

OriginTurkey, Italy, Spain
Harvesting timeAugust/September
GrowthOn the hazel tree
ProcessingCracking, chopping, roasting, grounding and skinning if necessary
Shelf lifeAt least a year after production
Fat percentageBetween 55 and 63%
Hazelnuts grow on hazel trees, a shrub three to five metres tall. In contrast to other nut trees the hazel does not bear large flowers in spring. The blossom consists of small buds from which two or three hazel nuts will grow. Their sepals eventually shape the hard shell round the hazel nut. Hazel nuts are harvested in August/ September.  

Türkiye is the biggest producer of hazelnuts, growing approximately 75% of the world’s supply.

Hazelnuts come in a Giresun and a Levant (Ordu and Trabzon area) category, named after the areas in Türkiye in which they grow. The Giresun quality is of a more premium quality and contains more fat, making blanching easier to roast the skin off. The most cultivated varieties (out of the at least 10 different ones, all based on shape, size and quality) are Tombul, Çakıldak and Foşa.

The most critical period is during March and April in which the buds are being fertilized and start to develop (in clusters of one to five pieces per bud). In both months the frost risks in Türkiye are still extremely high and would be devastating for the crop size (late March 2014 frost occurred and destroyed more than 30% of the crop).  

The harvest takes place once a year during August and September after which the hazelnut clusters are laid out to dry. When the leaves turn brown, they are removed by a machine, after which the nuts in shell are laid out again to dry for another two weeks.

Hazelnuts are rich in protein, unsaturated fats, fibers and minerals. They contain folic acid, phosphorus, magnesium, thiamine and vitamin E.

A happy & healthy addition to your product.

Our range consists of:

• Natural hazelnut kernels in every size
• Blanched hazelnut kernels with less than 5 or 10% skin in every size
• Roasted hazelnut kernels with less than 20% skin in every size
• Roasted blanched hazelnut with less than 5% skin kernels in every size
• Natural diced hazelnuts 8-12 to 2-4 mm
• Roasted diced hazelnuts with less than 10% skin in 8-12 mm to 0-1 mm
• Roasted diced hazelnuts with less than 5% skin in 8-12 mm to 0-1 mm
• Natural, blanched or roasted hazelnut slices in various thicknesses
• Hazelnut paste, 100% pure in various thicknesses

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