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Our almonds

OriginUSA, Chile, Australia
Harvesting timeAugust (northern hemisphere), April (southern hemisphere)
GrowthThe seeds of the almond tree
ProcessingRemoving the tough shell
Shelf lifeAt least a year after production
Fat percentageBetween 45 and 55%
The almond tree is closely related to the plum and peach trees. The almond is the stone of a fruit and therefore does not belong to nutty fruits. Almonds are harvested at the end of summer (in August). This is done by shaking the tree by means of a special machine and catching the almonds at the same time. They are gathered and transported to a factory. 

The state of California in the USA is the biggest producer of almonds, growing approximately 80% of the world’s supply.

Almonds grow in different varieties and sizes as shown clearly in ‘Guide to California Almonds’ from the almond board of California. The three major (90%) classifications fall under Nonpareil, California and Mission.

The most beautiful (nothing prettier than the almond blossom) but also critical period (because of the frost risk) is between mid-February and mid-March when the almond trees bloom.
The harvest takes place once a year from August through October (depending on the variety) after which the almonds are laid out to dry for 7 to 10 days.

A handful of almonds provides you with 6 grams of plant protein, 4 grams of fiber, 13 grams of unsaturated fat (only 1 gram of saturated fat), magnesium, antioxidant, vitamin E.

A happy & healthy addition to your product.

Our range consists of:

• Nonpareil Supreme almonds 18/20 and 23/25
• Carmel Supreme almonds 20/22, 23/25 and 27/30
• Sheller Run Confectionary almonds, different (small) sizes
• Natural almond pieces 5-7 mm
• Whole blanched roasted almonds
• Whole blanched almonds 18/20, 20/22, 23/25 and 27/30
• Blanched almond splits 23/25, 32/34 and 27/30
• Blanched thin or x-thin almond slices
• Blanched slivered almonds
• Blanched almond meal
• Blanched almond pieces 2-4, 3-6 and 4-8 mm
• Blanched almond flakes
• Whole (32/24) & broken (70/30) almonds
• Blanched almond splits 23/25 and 27/30
• Blanched Valencia/Spain almonds +13 (20/22)
• Blanched Valencia/Spain almonds 27/30

Feel free to ask us for a product that is not on our standard list as chances are we can supply that one too.

Our factories produce according to the Stolp International specifications or the specifications of our customers. We make sure all quality requirements are met through reports of analysis  of origin, entrance controls and analysis performed by accredited laboratories.

And of course, completely in line with the Stolp International goals: you get the best quality (under BRC AA certification) at affordable prices.

You work with Tosca (formerly known as Contraload) pallets? Don’t worry: we can deliver your products on these pallets too.

We are able to offer you on-call contracts in which a certain quantity at a certain price is being guaranteed for your call-offs to be made over a certain period of time, assuring you of the availability of your products as you want them & when you need them.

For advice, questions, guidance and of course price offers, please contact us through e-mail or +31 (0)33 299 17 11.

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