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OriginFrance, India, USA, China, Eastern Europe
Harvesting timeSeptember/November
GrowthThe fruits of walnut trees
ProcessingDrying, removing the hard shell and breaking if necessary
Shelf lifeAt least a year after production
Fat percentageBetween 50 and 55%
Walnut trees may grow as tall as thirty metres, but on the whole they may be compared to middle-size cherry trees. Walnuts develop from the seeds of the tree. The green nuts have the exact same colour as the leaves. The green shell in which the nut grows will burst open when the nut is ripe. It is only then that the nuts as we know them will become visible. In order to harvest the nuts they are shaken from the trees by means of a special machine that also catches them. After harvesting the nuts are collected and transported to factories for further processing.

The nuts are washed and dried at the factory. The drying must be done very carefully, because this will give them their shelf life. When the nuts are not processed immediately they are stored in their shells. Because, once taken out of their shells, their shelf life will be limited.After washing and drying the nuts are sorted for size, stamped and packed. In order to prevent perishing, clear film bags are used nowadays.  When the nuts are used for decorative purposes, the percentage of breakage is quite important, for fillings taste is more important. 
• Whole, halved walnuts
• Broken walnuts

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