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Pecan nuts

OriginUSA, Mexico, South Africa
Harvesting timeOctober to January
GrowthOn pecan trees
ProcessingRemoving hard shell
Shelf lifeAt least a year after production
The nuts are harvested from October till the first winter months of the new year. As is the case with many other nuts, the pecan also has a two-year cycle: a large harvest every other year. There are different ways to harvest pecan nuts. The nuts will fall from the trees of their own accord. In order to accelerate this process they are often beaten from the trees by means of bamboo sticks, or shaken from the trees with a special machine. Afterwards the nuts need only be gathered.

Pecan nuts need hardly be processed. For bakeries they have to be shelled; then they are ready for use. For the nut industry the shell of the pecan nut is painted reddish brown, so that it will look more attractive. 

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