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OriginTurkey, Italy, Spain
Harvesting timeAugust/September
GrowthOn the hazel tree
ProcessingCracking, chopping, roasting, grounding and skinning if necessary
Shelf lifeAt least a year after production
Fat percentageBetween 55 and 63%
Hazelnuts grow on hazel trees, a shrub three to five metres tall. In contrast to other nut trees the hazel does not bear large flowers in spring. The blossom consists of small buds from which two or three hazel nuts will grow. Their sepals eventually shape the hard shell round the hazel nut. Hazel nuts are harvested in August/ September.

After being harvested hazelnuts are stored in silos in their shells. This will prolong shelf life due to the natural protection of the shell. The nuts are cracked and cleaned shortly before processing. The cracking is done mechanically. Further processing may consist of chopping, roasting, grounding or blanching. Blanching is done by roasting the nuts lightly: in this way the skin comes loose easily. The hazel nuts are subsequently sorted mechanically for size.
The most frequent sizes are: 
In their skins: 13-15 mm and 11-13 mm
Blanched: 12-14 mm
These numbers indicate the average diameter of the hazel nuts.
• Whole hazel nuts in their skins
• Skinned hazel nuts
• Roasted hazel nuts
• Chopped hazel nuts
• Flaked hazel nuts
• Ground hazel nuts

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