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OriginChina, Australia, Fiji Islands
Harvesting timeAll year
GrowthThe ginger root
ProcessingPowder, candied or crystallised
Shelf lifeAt least a year after production
Ginger is made of the “misshapen” ginger root. These light-brown roots grow underground. Ginger may be harvested throughout the year.  

Fresh ginger is ready for use immediately after harvesting and is employed as an ingredient for different spices (for example curry powder), Young fresh ginger has a milder taste than ginger from older ginger roots. Apart from fresh, ginger is also sold candied. The ginger roots are then peeled after harvesting and cut in the desired shapes.
Ginger is available in cubes of eight and sixteen millimetres. When the ginger is in the desired shape, it is cooked in a sugar solution for six to nine days. The ginger will become softer and sweeter. Ginger cubes are sold both on syrup and without syrup (drained). It may also be dried causing the sugar to crystallise

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