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OriginTurkey, Greece, Australia, USA, South Africa
Harvesting timeMarch (southern hemisphere) August/September (northern hemisphere)
GrowthIn bunches on shrubs
ProcessingDrying in the sun
Shelf lifeAt least one year after production
The harvested bunches of grapes are sun-dried. This process, lasting for seven to ten days takes place in open air on plastic foil, so that the chances of pollution are minimal. The sun obviously plays an important role while drying. When it rains a lot, the harvest may be badly damaged and the fruits will acquire a darker colour.

After drying the raisins are transported to the factory for processing. This is done mechanically as much as possible by means of laser scanners and X ray machines; of course everything passes metal detection, and dirt, stones and stalks are removed. In order to achieve even greater purity, the raisins are gleaned manually, thus enabling Stolp to supply raisins guaranteeing just one stone per 5000 kg

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