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OriginOrigin Greece
Harvesting time August/September
GrowthIn bunches on shrubs
ProcessingDrying in the sun
Shelf lifeAt least one year after production
The grapes will be ripe between the end of July and the beginning of September. During harvesting the bunches are hand cut from the shrubs. 
The drying process of currants may be compared to that of raisins. The bunches of grapes are sun-dried on plastic foil. The percentage of moisture decreases, the fruit shrinks and falls off the stalk of its own accord. The drying period for currants, depending on the weather lasts seven to fourteen days. The farmers increasingly use diaphanous plastic foil to protect their currants from the rain during drying; a very labour-intensive activity.

The currants are washed, stones, stems and stalks being removed. This is first done mechanically and afterwards manually at so called gleaning tables. Purity and size determine the quality of the currants. Currants are sorted according to size in the factory by means of rotary sieves. When the currants have been cleaned, sorted and packed, they are shipped.

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