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OriginChina, Chile, Italy
Harvesting timeSeptember/October
GrowthOn the apple tree
ProcessingCutting and drying in installations
Shelf lifeAt least one year after production
Flowering time is spring, and harvesting is done in autumn. In China the apples are handpicked and gathered manually. After harvesting the apples are sorted by size, removing the less good apples. 

Subsequently the skins and the core are removed, afterwards cutting the apples to the right shapes and sizes. After cutting, the apples are sulphured in order to preserve their beautiful white colour, killing moulds and harmful bacteria, and prolonging shelf life. After sulphuring comes mechanical drying.
Eight to ten kilos of fresh apples are required for one kilo of dried apples. Apples are dried according to two moisture contents. They are high-moisture (22-24% moisture) and low moisture (3-5% moisture). High moisture yields a tough product, while low-moisture apples are crispy. Drying times depend on the moisture percentage desired.

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