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OriginItaly, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Turkey
Harvesting timeBeginning of August till end of September
GrowthOn tomato plants
ProcessingPeeling and canning
Shelf lifeSeveral years after production
Tomato plants are planted every year. At the start the plants are quite dependent on the weather. When the growth process fails, plants may be planted again. Tomatoes are harvested mechanically from the beginning of August till the end of September. After harvesting they are gathered and transported to factories.

At the factory the tomatoes are first washed thoroughly. Afterwards they are placed in boiling water for a short time and subsequently dipped in cold water in order to take off their skins. After being skinned the tomatoes are selected for quality and sometimes diced, canned in juice. Apart from natural tomatoes, spiced varieties are also available. Tomato puree is made of pureed tomatoes from which moisture has been taken. Sometimes flavourings and spices are also added.

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