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OriginPhilippines, Thailand, Indonesia
Harvesting time Winter harvest: Oct. to Feb., Summer harvest: Mar. to July
GrowthOn pineapple plants low to the ground
ProcessingPeeling, cutting and canning
Shelf lifeSeveral years after production
Pineapples are harvested twice a year. Winter harvest takes place from October to February, yielding 40% of the total crop. The summer harvest from March to July yields the other 60%. The pineapples are chopped, gathered and sent to factories.

On arrival at the factory the pineapples are first sorted by quality and size and subsequently washed mechanically. After mechanical peeling, the core is removed. Now the fruits may be cut into slices (or pieces) of the desired thickness. Afterwards they are sterilised for longer shelf life and canned in juice. This juice may be water and sugar, but also their own juice.
There are three grades of juice:
• Heavy syrup19% sugar
• Light syrup14-16% sugar
• Own juice11% sugar

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